Wangdue Phodrang

  • Phobjikha Valley

    Phobjikha Valley (also spelt Phobjikha and, in the past, Phubjikha, the suffix kha means valley in Dzongkha) is a vast U-shaped glacial valley, also known as Gangteng Valley named after the impressive Gangtey Monastery of the Nyingma in central Bhutan, where the graceful black-necked cranes in Bhutan (Grus nigricollis) from the Tibetan Plateau visit the valley during the winter season to roost. On arrival in the Phobjikha Valley in the last week of October, the black-necked cranes circle the Gangteng Monastery three times and also repeat the process while returning to Tibet. The broad valley with its best-known marshland in Bhutan, is popular for its scenic splendour and cultural uniqueness. The valley is rich in faunal biodiversity and has, apart from the globally threatened black-necked cranes Grus nigricollis, 13 other globally threatened species. Within the ambit of the valley, an area of about 163 square kilometres (63 sq mi) has been declared a protected area, which is managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature,(RSPN), for the protection of nature, authorized to manage, on lease basis, by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Black Necked Crane Centre

    Your first stop in Phobjikha should be the information centre of the Royal So­ciety for Protection of Nature (RSPN), which has informative displays about the black-necked cranes and the valley environment. You can use the centre’s powerful spotting scopes and check what you see against its pamphlet Field Guide to Crane Behaviour. If the weather’s iffy, you can browse the library and watch a 15-minute video. Star of the centre is Karma, an injured black-necked crane who was discovered as an eight-month-old with a broken wing and now lives in a neighbouring enclosure. It's a rare chance to see these magnificent cranes up close. Donations are accepted for a project to build a bigger enclosure.

  • Gangtey Monastery

    The Gangteng Monastery, generally known as Gangtey Gonpa or Gangtey Monastery, is an important monastery of Nyingmapa school of Buddhism, the main seat of the Pema Lingpa tradition. located in the Wangdue Phodrang District in central Bhutan. Head Lama: Rigdzin Kunzang Pema Namgyal. Annual Festivals: Tshechu and Crane Festivals.

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