DOs and DON'Ts in Bhutan

sl/no Dos Dont
1 Follow proper dress code while visiting offices and religious sites. Entering religious monuments and offices with singlet and miniskirts are not our norm Refrain from touching any murals, religious painting and objects in the temples as it is disrespectful as per local culture
2 Remove your hat while entering religious sites and kindly takes off your footwear while entering temple altar rooms Smoking in the public areas is strictly prohibited and liable to be fined, so please refrain from smoking in public areas
3 Maintain silence in heritage and religious sites and monuments Carrying and use of drone is strictly prohibited
4 Always walk clockwise while passing heritage and religious monuments Spitting on the wall and other places is discourage
5 Proper permit is required to export religious artifacts or antiques Taking photographs and filming is restricted in some areas. So please refrain from filming and taking photograph in those areas. Please seek your guide advise
6 Always carry valid travel documents and produce the same if required Refrain from feeding animals on highways, parks and in other places
7 Always use Tourism Council of Bhutan(TCB) certified : Accomodation facilities Tour guides Tour operators to organize your tour Washing, swimming or throwing objects into lakes and other water bodies are prohibited as it is considered sacred
8 Ask and be informed at the cancelation policy of the tour operators or the hotels as every tour operator and hotels have their own cancelation and refund policy Do not sit straddle or legs streched in front in the altar as it is culturally offensive, we expect you to cross your legs or kneel when sitting in religious places
9 Be fully insured agains unforeseen medical emergencies
10 In case of loss of travel document, report to the nearest immigration, police or TCB office
11 Use proper toilet facilities where available. Be as discreet as possible if open air toilet is to be practiced
12 Be responsible for your own waste and dispose them in designated areas
13 Follow traffic rules and use designated zebra crossing for your safety
14 Report to TCB on misbehavior of guides, drivers and tour operators

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